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Injury Evaluation and Treatment

Our clinic focuses on strictly non-drug and non-surgical treatment and prevention. Chiropractors, like Dr. Tasky, are recognized by the MN Worker's Compensation system for treatment and case management the same as any other type of health care doctor. Work Comp insurance will cover up to 12 weeks of care. All workers' compensation insurance is accepted – as are all local health insurances. Dr. Tasky can refer for x-ray, advanced imaging, and to other specialists as needed. Expect a good relationship with your doctor.

As the vast majority of reportable workplace injuries are nuero-musculoskeletal in nature, chiropractors are excellent choices for your company. They have been shown to have much higher patient satisfaction ratings than other types of health care provider, and are highly trained to evaluate the body from head to toe.

For a greater explanation of our treatment practices, see our
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