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Preventing Workplace Injuries

The vast majority of health conditions – including injuries – are a result of small stressors on the body adding up over time. Just as heart disease is detectable before a heart attack, signs of impending injury elsewhere in the body are often present long before symptoms appear.

We offer programs to evaluate new employees (post-offer, pre-placement) to make sure they are safe to do the specific tasks of their new job without a high probability of injury. The benefit is decreased pain, suffering, and lost wages for employees and decreased worker's compensation costs and lost productivity for employers.

Every job has different demands on the body. We start the process with an evaluation of the job description to determine A.) What the employee must physically be able to do in the job and B.) if any small changes can be made in the work environment to decrease the likelihood of injury. After this, each new employee in that position is screened to make sure that can meet the physical demands.

Dr. Tasky is also available for speaking engagements and workshops to educate your workforce on injury prevention.